Earlier this year Andy completed a shoot for Sonoma – USA Gold with Director of Creative Services Mike Boyd and Art Director Don Bailey of The Buntin Group. Andy traveled around Utah and Colorado for a week for this shoot and captured some amazing images. Here is a sample of the final ads that came out of that shoot.


Q&A with photographer Andy Anderson

Q&A with Photographer ANDY ANDERSON



I’ve wanted to interview Andy Anderson since I launched POP. When he agreed to an interview (on one condition: that I not ask him about how good looking he is), I was excited and then a little intimidated with the task of doing justice to someone whose work is among the best of the commercial photographers working today. He said repeatedly that he felt advertising in its highest form is art. And by the end of our interview I was convinced.

With each body of his work, whether it’s wild animals in the Serengeti, mountainscapes of the Grand Tetons, a campaign for Ram Trucks, or resort images in Punta Brava, the images are beautiful, quiet, expansive. At once monumental and relatable. Conveying awe and presence. They carry the unmistakable stamp of someone who is deeply passionate about life and their work, who is a very talented artist and has mastered the art of infusing his images and subjects with this appreciation, respect and vision.


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