Photographers On Photography’s Interview with Edward Leida

Check out Photographers On Photography’s interview with our friend and colleague Edward Leida…


Referred to me by photographer Andy Anderson, Edward Leida is the Design Director at Town & Country. Following an award-winning 23-year tenure as the Design Director of W, Leida was selected to lead the 2011 redesign of Town & Country for his deep understanding of and alignment with the brand and for his vision for taking Town & Country into the future by retrieving a past rooted in craft and quality and infusing it with with feeling and a renewed appreciation for life in all its beauty.

The redesign landed on newsstands with a new logo, gorgeous serif typography playing counterpoint to the sans serif logo, and page after page of photography that supports the goal of bringing Town & Country back to its roots. Which in translation means the images celebrate an authentic beauty and extol the ‘real’ and the essence of their subject rather than an unattainable depiction that conveys little of the actual experience.

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