Toward the end of 2013, my crew and myself made a trip down to the International Polo Club in Palm Beach, FL for a photo shoot with the US Polo Association (USPA). It was a great time hanging out with the players and Jacqueline Harrigan and Alexa Cutler from the USPA.

After a week of shooting, here are some things I now know about Polo:

-The game of Polo dates back to the 6th Century BC.

-Polo was first played in the United States in 1876, although there are conflicting accounts of where and when that year the first match took place.

-Most teams have 40 plus “Polo Ponies”.

-Polo players are personally sponsored. These sponsors are called “Patron” pronounced (pah-trone).

-It takes millions of dollars to support a polo team, no wonder it has been referred to as the “Sport of Kings”.