Quietly and Unheralded Farmers and Ranchers plow the field and raise the cattle.

Quietly and unheralded farmers and ranchers bring the milk and vegetables to market.

Quietly and unheralded farmers and ranchers live a life on their own terms.

Quietly and Unheralded they feed us everyday.

Now I’m free to chat about a project that I was blessed to be a part of. A transcendent project unlike any that I have worked on. 10 photographers capturing on there own terms the life of a farmer and rancher. All of us searching for meaningful images. Not any one photo rising above any others, but collectively voicing a message for folks and a vocation we have all really taken for granted. The last truly archetypical American worker. And who better else to match the images with than Paul Harvey…America’s grandfather.

No words can express the gratitude at being one of the 10 image-makers. I would like to thank RAM, THE RICHARD’S GROUP, Jimmy Bonner, Rob Baker, and Deb Grisham for the immense work and late night guidance along the way. RAM, you are BRAVE. You made moving past the default of glitzy commercials…. BOLD. You made a stand and sent a message that was long overdue.

Thanks…. and thank you Ranchers and Farmers for everyday going on about your life quietly and unheralded.

Photographers: William Allard, Jim Arndt, Daniel Beltra, Mark Gooch, Andy Mahr, Kurt Markus, David Spielman, Matt Turley and Olaf Veltman.

Here are the images that I contributed to the project.


72 thoughts on “QUIETLY & UNHERALDED

  1. Andy, Paul Harvey’s narration was as pitch perfect this time around as whenever he originally recorded those words. What really made the “Farmer” commercial most memorable of all those I watched last night were your and your fellow photographers most visually distinctive photographs. Nice work.

  2. Congratulations, I was enthralled with the beauty of your work. The stills MADE the commercial. Frankly the only commercial I loved out of the whole evening. Thanks again for making the world more beautiful.

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  4. Great work, Andy. Really did remind me why I fell in love with still photography in the first place. Something about seeing still imagery – very nice still imagery – in a context where we are accustomed to moving pictures that highlighted the power an inherent beauty of the medium.

  5. When this commercial came on, it was only 1 of 2 times throughout the whole Super bowl that the room went totally silent to watch it! A much-needed dose of REALity and beauty. An awesome tribute to some of the hardest working people out there who don’t get televised awards shows 50 times a year! Really great!

  6. This was my mom’s favorite commercial. She said I had to watch it. It is wonderful and it made it even better that someone from Idaho was a part of it!

  7. While there are many components that come together to make this a moving and effective commercial, for me, above all, it is a testament to the power of the still image. I am invigorated and inspired! Well done to all those that contributed.

  8. Hey Andy, had no idea you worked on the Ram commercial. The Ram spot and the one on the Clydesdale were my favorites. Great work.

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  12. By far, the most memorable moments from the evening, including the game itself. Congratulations on a truly exceptional project (to you and all)!!

  13. I was watching the game with a room full of 20 somethings. Nothing would stop them from fooling with their cell phones or checking to see who’s got the winning square, not even the game. Then the RAM commercial came on. The room was nearly silent as everyone watched the commercial. It was a powerful and unique ad and it sure got their attention. Nice work.

  14. Hi Andy. Being a fourth generation MT farm girl (my 78 year old father & 77 year old mother still farm the place my great-grandparents homesteaded), this ad gave me goosebumps. (99% of my work is documenting rural life & culture, and you boys nailed it.) Turns out my favorite three shots were yours: the man in church, the hay flying in the pickup bed & the guy walking with his cow dog. You’ve been known in photo circles for a couple decades; this ad will make you a household name. CONGRATS!

  15. As a documentary photographer I turn my lens to the Ranching/Farming lifestyle also, there’s something raw, and beautiful about it…..these men and women don’t get vacation, sick days or a day off. The dedication they have for “the job” with zero complaining….it’s inspirational.

    EXCELLENT work on the project!!! Beautiful, honest, and powerful!

  16. agree with everyone – this was by the most powerful commercial. the room of went completely quiet and everyone stopped what they were doing to listen and watch. congratulations! it was absolutely amazing.

  17. Andy congratulations to everyone on the team. And thank you for putting the work and vision of still photographers front and center.

    It is refreshing and encouraging to those of us who struggle on a daily basis to keep our work shot at 1/250 sec. relevant. In a time when 4k video, 3D, CGI and bullet time are capturing the imagination of our clients, it gives me hope our work can still can stop people and bring silence to a crowded room.

    Thank you for taking a chance on every working pro who puts their heart and soul into every frame they shoot in hopes of capturing a moment. Excellent job all away around.

  18. Images that cut through the clutter.
    A soundtrack that wasn’t sweetened or autotuned.
    In short, a multi-million dollar slideshow that without question, was the best use of Super Bowl ad time. In a long time.
    On message. On target. People talking about the RAM truck farmer commercial.
    Now that’s buzz.
    What a dream assignment!
    Kudos to all involved!

  19. I’ve watched this commercial over and over again. Maybe now a total of six times. Each time I’m humbled by the amazing imagery, stunned by the advertisers bravery and wowed by the agencies vision. And then there is Paul Harvey. That voice. The ONLY voice that could bring it home, touch the heart, melt everything together for the perfect spot. So glad we now know, the rest of the story.

    Congratulations on the outstanding images. You make all of us proud to be still photographers.

  20. Andy, we don’t know each other, but today, my intro photojournalism students at Texas Christian University and Southern Methodist University sat riveted in their chairs as we all re-watched the video and listened to the words. In a world that is neck-deep in visual swill, this is a brilliant example of what is right and good about our craft.

    It is a stellar piece of work. My hat is off to you, your fellow shooters and the folks at Dodge, The Richards Group for re-affirming what we all know: Great words and great images make extraordinary story-telling.

    (My father, a farmer, taught me to drive in a 1949 Dodge pickup. It sits in my garage to this day.)

  21. One of the greatest projects I’ve had the privilege and pleasure to work on. An opportunity to create work that would be embraced for the good of farmers. A tribute to the generations of hard working souls who are driven for the benefit of others. While some have been critical in our approach and use of previous work, I’m grateful for their time. We’ll accept their short-sighted vitriol in exchange for the added exposure it’s given farmers. This effort was never about pride of authorship. Further exampled by people such as Andy, who along with nine other photographers, set aside individual agendas and worked tirelessly with us to accomplish a greater goal. This commercial is merely the tip of the iceberg. Thanks to all ten masters of the lens and many others for helping us honor the farmers of the world. Our debt runs deep and straight to the heart. Keep Plowing.

    • You Rob, Jimmy, Marissa, and RAM made a BOLD BOLD move to remind us of the Last American Archetype…the farmer. And even more brave to have photography carry that message. Thanks brother.

  22. For all of us who love photography and the emotion, enjoyment, story telling capabilities of this wonderful medium, we all thank you for your contributions to this worthy venture. You make us proud to be photographers and proud to be Americans.

  23. As the daughter of a dryland cotton farmer / cattle raiser from West Texas these images remind me of growing up. The very cold mornings feeding 4-h pigs and FFA cattle before school, breaking ice from the water trough, and hauling hay are all memories of times spent with my sisters, mother and papa on our farm/ ranch.

  24. Mr. Anderson,
    My grandfather was a farmer as were a few of my uncles. But it was my Grandy that always made such an impression on me growing up. Even as a young boy I could appreciate the honest but very hard work and was enthralled as whatever crop he had planted grew close to harvest. I told my parents when I was about 12 that I wanted to be a farmer when I grew up. It was not to be, as I was growing up in the city and our visits to my grandfathers farm grew less frequent. I worked in television advertising a number of years but only really felt at home visiting my Grandy in the years before he passed away and the farm was sold. I’m 60 now and freely admit I have watched this spot several times and it brings tear every time. Thank you. On a more mundane subject I love photography and have to ask what sort of lens and body you used on these beautiful images.


    • Thanks Steve, that’s very nice of you. It’s about time we not forget the last AMERICAN ARCHETYPE the farmer. I don’t remember the lensr

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  26. The images in this commercial were amazing. I was walking to the kitchen when this one came on, and I stopped in my tracks with my jaw dropped. I was stunned by the images. Thank you.

  27. As soon as the commercial began I was awed by the images and immediately said to my wife, “those images are amazing.” Congrats for being a part of it and thanks for highlighting the value and impact of of great photography.

  28. Andy. I have to tell you that this is the FIRST advertisement that I could actually hear my own breathing during. It was as though this ad created tunnel vision. Nothing could have distracted me from not only hearing Paul Harvey’s crisp narration, but feeling the emotion created with your, and the others photographers images. They were absolutely spot on and as a professional photographer (who grew up on a farm), I had to let you know how moving they were.

    Very. Well. Done. Thanks for your creations and best wishes for the future.

  29. Andy,

    Great work and beautiful images. I wanted to ask what they did to manipulate your photos to move… for example the one where the farmer is moving the hay. Is there a name for that process? They took your still and made it move? I’m not sure if I am asking the right question. Just curious.


  30. Words fail. But suffice it to say you didn’t just help create an ad campaign. You created a movement. They say the sword is mightier than the pen. The camera begs to differ. Well done.

  31. I enjoyed this advertising so much. I love farmers. I live in a small town in Michigan and these farmers mean so much to all of us. Very poignant photographs. Thank you for such touching beauty!

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  33. I am the proud wife of a farmer from Idaho. Thanks go out to you Andy great job as always. You have now just shared with the world the rest of the story and I could not be prouder.

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  36. While your photographs are beautiful, and the overall commercial pulled at heartstrings, were you advised beforehand that this commercial would entirely ignore the contributions of Mexicans who constitute 70% of American farm workers? Had you known this in advance would you still have taken the assignment?

  37. I was amazed at the commercial and the impact of the content. I am a Portrait artist that lives in Central Pa. My wife and I live in the middle of farm country. The farmer is and always will be the backbone of America. Thank you for the BEST commercial I have ever seen. May GOD bless you and your family!!!

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  39. I grew up on a farm my family acquired before the Revolutionary War. In a tawdry world where everything is cheap and fleeting, this commercial is awesome. Congratulations to Chrysler, Ram, the ad agency and especially the photographers. I particularly love your contributions. The Paul Harvey voice-over is brilliant. Thanks again for making my day much brighter.
    Alex Wade

  40. Hey Andy, I loved the Superbowl ad — your contribution to it was incredible.
    Remembering the work you did for me and The Brick in Roslyn, WA

  41. Hi Andy, would you mind telling where the pictures were taken? No, I don’t mean identify anyone or any ranch, just the area?

    BTW, you have a truly great eye.

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