I will never forget the impact of looking at a Communication Arts Photo Annual when I went into a B. Dalton bookstore over 20 years ago. The images that filled the pages were superb. The effect that the photos had on me was life changing. I said to myself, if I could to make photos this good, well then I would have accomplished something.

Fast-forward 20 years and Communication Arts has been instrumental in the success of my business. It’s very very important for all photographers to have a venue to show their work and in a place that is viewed by their peers. So much of our business is about validation and even though award shows should not be a validation…they are. Our industry is insecure and these highly visible publications help to alleviate those insecurities.

The madness I posses in me always needs to find new and interesting subjects to capture. Personal work is, and continues to be, the motivational ingredient to my ability to stay inspired and curious, without which, life would be very boring. It’s imperative for all photographers to create work that is outside the confines of the projects they are hired to do. All of the great creatives I have known over the years have always gravitated to my personal projects. Creatives want and need to see what gets you out of the door shooting.

This year a jury of my peers selected some of my work from Camel Lake, the Oil fields of Bakersfield, CA and a portrait of the great Jim Harrison, the result of my craziness to always be curious, to be featured amongst the many other wonderful images by photographers I truly admire in the Communication Arts Photo Annual. This was a truly humbling experience that transported me back 20 years to that first encounter with CA.

Thank you all for validating my madness…

2 thoughts on “MY MADNESS…

  1. I can’t think of any other photographer for the last two decades that exemplifies the CA annual more than you, Mr Anderson. I remember seeing your images in Men’sJournal (can’t remember the exact image though – that red canoe by the lake? Or was it that signature backpacking image?) Anyway, saw them before I knew who you were and thought, damn, who is this guy? The only other guy that I remember the first time I saw their work is Ray Meeks and again, Men’s Journal. Grizzly bears of Transylvania with Rick Bass. Thank you for the memories and I’m passing on your sage advice.

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