Quietly and Unheralded Farmers and Ranchers plow the field and raise the cattle.

Quietly and unheralded farmers and ranchers bring the milk and vegetables to market.

Quietly and unheralded farmers and ranchers live a life on their own terms.

Quietly and Unheralded they feed us everyday.

Now I’m free to chat about a project that I was blessed to be a part of. A transcendent project unlike any that I have worked on. 10 photographers capturing on there own terms the life of a farmer and rancher. All of us searching for meaningful images. Not any one photo rising above any others, but collectively voicing a message for folks and a vocation we have all really taken for granted. The last truly archetypical American worker. And who better else to match the images with than Paul Harvey…America’s grandfather.

No words can express the gratitude at being one of the 10 image-makers. I would like to thank RAM, THE RICHARD’S GROUP, Jimmy Bonner, Rob Baker, and Deb Grisham for the immense work and late night guidance along the way. RAM, you are BRAVE. You made moving past the default of glitzy commercials…. BOLD. You made a stand and sent a message that was long overdue.

Thanks…. and thank you Ranchers and Farmers for everyday going on about your life quietly and unheralded.

Photographers: William Allard, Jim Arndt, Daniel Beltra, Mark Gooch, Andy Mahr, Kurt Markus, David Spielman, Matt Turley and Olaf Veltman.

Here are the images that I contributed to the project.