I’m always amazed how much you can find when you just spend a little time and look. Last month while working on a personal project, I stumbled upon this wildlife museum in International Falls, MN, The Sportsman Service Store and Museum to be exact. When you walk into the place you are immediately stared down by a grizzly bear. Me being curious I quickly started looking around. I found the taxidermy mounts to resemble a sideshow in Florida, with Northern Pike swallowing large trout and two-headed mallards.  The museum has been around since the 30′s and local people donated the majority of the mounts. I’m an avid outdoorsman and the museum left me with very mixed feelings to say the least.


Last week I headed to northern Minnesota’s Zippel Bay Resort to shoot pictures of the ice fishing sub-culture. I had no preconceptions of what, who, or where to photograph, so serendipity was in full play. Driving on frozen ice is something I have never done before, and it did not take me long to get used to it. So the minivan and I searched for subjects to photograph and I was rewarded straight away. After introducing myself to some “ice trolls” I found a group of folks that were on there annual fishing trip to Lake of the Woods. It’s something this group of gentlemen has been doing for 25 years. The only downfall was that my drinking abilities did not prepare me for the copious amount of beer that was downed. These folks invented drinking. Other than that, it was a amazing trip…enjoy!